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ITom New , Food Surveys Ltd

Over 12 months, Rachel's input into FSL has been dramatic.  With a brief to work with the business towards "high Growth" she has consistently challenged us to set out our goals, define our services, identify areas of gorwth and put plans into action that are leading us to achieving those goals.  We are now well along that road and Rachel has been one of the driving forces.  We all know that someone outside the business can often point out the things which hose clsest cant't see, but Rachel exceeded that.   Her challenging questions allowed us to make changes with practical application, making the business stronger and out marketing processes much more focused and successful.  A massive recommendation from me.

Jane Abraham, Flourish 

Rachel has been working with me as a business coach and throughout the last year she has helped me to understand how to take my business forward and supported me in a professional and friendly manner.  Her experience is extensive and she has enabled me to see different opportunities and given me the confidence and support to pursue them. I would highly recommend working with Rachel.  She is professional and takes the time to really understand the business, you and the goal you want to achieve before setting out ot help you achieve them successfully.   Her experience and insights have helped me enormously.

Joanna Reid, CommsConsult

Rachel has been invaluable to CommsConsult since she was first appointed as our business coach.  She ver quickly understood our niche company and ably adapred her coaching to our own needs and ways of working.  I point this our because we hae had other coaches who have not been able to do this and so whose input has ultimately not been relevant enough or effective.   She ooxes experience and always gives a very pragmatic view.  She is approachable ensuring all our team actively use her for ongoing coaching support.  Rachel is extremely professional, always finding time to 1:1 chats or group sessions.   She strives to work with you and the company to achieve your own objectives, very much making you feel that she is one of the team.  In my role I have found her absolutely invaluable in just knowing she is there to bounce ideas off and to talk through challenges/ideas.   CommsConsult and I can without hesitation, very highly recommend her services and support to all.

Steve Nicholls, Executive Connexions

Very quickly Rachel established an understanding of my business and of my own aims, goals and options for the business.  Within a couple of sessions with her I was able to take some very specific actions which has in turn helped focus the business and made a direct contribution to its growth.   I highly recommend Rachel to any business looking for insightful and pragmatic support.

Jim Michel, Barefoot Media

Rachel has provided business coaching support to us for 18 months, helping us to identify, develop and Implement improved procedures for financial planning and measurement, HR and new business development.  Her input has been instrumental in the growth and on going success of the business, and she has been consistently suppportive and enthusiastic throughout the time we have worked together.

Jodine Boothby, Gummee Glove

Rachel has worked with Gummee Glove for the last two years and has really helped us to recognise our strengths both as a brand as a team.   Rachel has helped us develop our ability to assess where our company is going and plan according to priority.  Rachel feels like part of the team and I am sure we will work together at points throughout the future of Gummee Glove.

Luke Power, The HomeSeller

Thoughtful and challenging support, very much appreciated and pivotal in making good decisions.