Growing Companies

About us

MentorYOU enables companies to grow and succeed   MentorYou's founder, Rachel Woods, has worked for a number of entrepreneurial organisations at board level and has always believed that success is simple providing you get the people and processes right and that you continually look to improve and innovate.

"We look to work with companies who want to change and innovate.   We support them, challenge them and make them more resourceful and innovate for the future."  Rachel Woods, MentorYOU.   

How will MentorYOU help me?

The impact of business coaching can be wide reaching. It is often different for every coaching engagement. Initially we will work with you to define your vision and goals we will then look at what needs to be done in order to achieve those goals. We will work with you to show you that you have the resources within yourself to achieve success and give you confidence to overcome future dilemmas and issues. 
Your relationship with your coach is dependent on trust and your coach will work with you to ensure that trust is protected at all coats. The relationship should be challenging and can be slightly uncomfortable at times but the coach will work at your pace and by challenging you enable you to look at issues from different angles enabling considered decision making. 

Coaching will directly impact your leadership style by helping you to reflect on your own reactions and behaviours and making you more aware of your relationships with others. 

The coaches at MentorYou are ILM Level 5 trained and have also broad and deep experience of working in a variety of business at board level. The important criteria is that our coaches have worked in an entrepreneurial environment and know the pressures of growing a business. They recognise that Entrepreneurs need experienced professionals who have worked in a number of different environments and have been exposed to various management styles, processes and procedures. This experience enables them to know what works and what doesn’t. Coaches who have only ever worked for themselves do not have this depth of experience and knowledge of what makes a great business. 

MentorYou is a business that works with all sizes of organisations that want to invest in growth. We will provide you with for one hour free consultancy to work on your goals and aspirations and then quote you the cost of ongoing support generally a minimum of 12 hours.